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I've decided to post a short story I wrote a few months ago for public review. Read "Sol Has Been Lost" at the CIC Fan Fiction forum and tell me what you think!
July 16, 2005

After a less-than-enthusiastic response to the online debut of Wing Commander - DDX, I have decided to focus my attention on other efforts.

The novel will remain online in its current form, but I do not foresee any updates to it in the near future.

Several short story ideas set in the Wing Commander universe have been developing in my mind, but if I ever write them, they will probably appear first on the CIC Fan Fiction Forums rather than here.

Also defunct (for now) is Wing Commander - CAG, my Java WC wargame project. You can still get it from the Files page, however.

In the meantime, keep playing Wing Commander, and keep checking the Wing Commander CIC for everything Wing Commander!
July 13, 2005