WC CCG Software
Some people have asked for a tutorial on CardTable. Here it is:
CardTable is a virtual tabletop for card games. It has no actual rules built in, so players should keep track of what they and the other player are doing at all times. Use the chat feature!
I recommend that each turn, the players report their power points and how much they spend. Since Cardtable supports Roger Wilco for voice chat, i highly recommend it if both players can use it.
First, you'll need to build a deck. File -> DeckBuilder will start the deck building program. Click File -> Data File, then load either confed.ctd or kilrathi.ctd. Click on a card to see it and double-click to add it to your deck. Double-click a card in your deck to remove it. Remember to put your carrier last! Save your deck - I like to put them in a custom folder inside the decks folder.
Now, you can start playing. Find an opponent through IRC or chat, and have one person be the server, and one be the client. Follow these instructions (from the readme).

  Click on File->Start Server then click OK.
    (This dialog box will disappear when a connection has been made.)

  Let your opponent know your IP address, and the port you will
  be expecting connections on.  Your ip address should show up in the
  box, or you can obtain it from:

  The default port is 7935, don't change it unless you have a problem.


  Click on File->Connect and fill in the dialog box with the IP Address
  or Hostname and port your opponent gave you.  (This dialog box will
  disappear when a connection has been made)

  AIM/ICQ: Please see the CardTable homepage for setting up and using
           CardTable with AIM and ICQ.

  You should now be able to type to your opponent and see what they
  type in the communication window below the green table.

  NOTE: If the message "Sending xxxxx..." or "Receiving xxxxx..." appears,
        you should clear the table and reload both decks or not all the 
        card images will appear for both players.

Once you are connected, each player should load a deck using File->Deck Select. Do not use confed.ctd or kilrathi.ctd! Flip your topmost card - your carrier - and place it on the table.
The commands for manipulating cards are as follows:

  Horizontal Fan:               h
  Vertical Fan:                 v
  Diagonal Fan:                 x
  Rotate Card Right:            r
  Rotate Stack Right:           Control-r
  Rotate Card Left:             Shift-r
  Rotate Stack Left:            Control-Shift-r
  Rotate Card 180 degrees:      u
  Rotate Stack 180 degrees:     Control-u
  Flip Card:                    f OR Right Click
  Flip Stack:                   Control-f OR Control-Right Click
  Next Card:                    n
  Previous Card:                p
  Straighten Stack:             s
  Shuffle Stack:                Control-s, then c
  Num Cards in Stack:           c
  Clear Table:                  Control-c, then t or Action->Clear Table
  End of Turn:                  Control-d OR Click Button on Menubar
  Pop Up Card to top,
      then replace:             Click and hold middle mouse button

  Click and drag to move a single card.
  Control-Click and drag to move a stack of cards.
  Shift-Click and drag to move a card and stack it.
  Control-Shift-Click and drag to move a stack and stack it with another stack.

  You can move a card or a stack from your hand to the table by
  dragging it there. (snap to stack does not work from the table
  to a hand or vice versa)

  You can Undo most card actions by clicking the 'Undo' button.
        Note: You may feel like you have to click Undo twice to do anything.
        This is normal.  Every time you click on a card, it creates an Undo
        action (for instance, clicking on a card to raise it to the top...		but also if it is already on top).  Stack clears on 'End Turn'.

Hope this helps!